Warehousing & Transportation

It is one thing to be able to connect from one point to another. It is another to ensure that at both points, there are reliable resources to store and manage your cargoes, whenever necessary.

Moving cargoes from one point to another is just one portion of the solutions that Kashin Shipping provides. The other critical process that we excel in is to offer customers a competitive supply chain advantage through cost control, visibility and responsiveness. This is done through our lean warehouse processes. Our clients have seen reductions of time spent on order processing, physical handling, clerical and inventory activities after engaging our services.

Kashin Shipping always seeks to understand our clients’ needs thoroughly, so as to propose the most effective package – both in terms of cost and processes. We have the skills necessary to manage and enhance your business activity. Every client has unique needs based upon their market requirements and manufacturing constraints. Kashin Shipping works with each client to design a warehouse strategy that will optimize the overall supply chain efficiency.

Transportation/Local Delivery is another cornerstone of our solutions. As with all effective logistics solutions, having a reliable and efficient transportation is what many clients are craving for. With a fleet of professional transporters, Kashin Shipping has managed to buck the normal trend of trucking woes and delivery headaches many clients faced by providing a more timely delivery.

As with all transportation matters, timely delivery is usually a challenging task. However, Kashin Shipping never shy away from these challenges. Our team of dedicated personnel will monitor and ensure the timeliness of your delivery every time.