Project Logistics

Leave the complex processes and planning of your Project Cargo to us.

Project Logistics

Today, with increased demand and diversity of projects, the logistics industry is meeting new challenges head-on. Though project cargo can still be considered a niche market, more than ever it requires specialized skills and infrastructure, and is clearly expanding in both size and scope of operations necessary to support the requirements.

PROJECT(s) and related PROJECT CARGO logistics and transport requirements are truly global in scope and multi-modal in required execution!

PROJECT CARGO is generally defined as any shipment of freight/cargo that cannot fit an I.S.O.-standard container, (i.e.; Air, Sea, Rail, Truck, etc.), and is then considered to be “out-of-gauge” for normal transport.

Further, PROJECTS may be defined by individual contract specific terms and conditions that delineate specific geographies, time lines, delivery protocols, etc. and may require full visibility across the entire global supply chain.

Project cargo may be exceptionally heavy, long or wide (or any combination thereof), and/or comprised of complex components that must be disassembled, shipped and reassembled, or requires special processing, (eg. high-value, hazmat, etc.).

Schedules imposed by the contract may require long-lead times for planning, evaluation, site survey, etc. and only then followed by a complicated implementation and execution. There are seldom inherently the same or repetitive processes required in for project logistics requirements each being unique.

Project freight forwarding and the management of those processes require specialized expertise. The sourcing and moving of thousands of freight tons (W/M) of equipment and materials from multiple origins and suppliers can be a massive undertaking requiring sophisticated planning and implementation of sound logistics capabilities, precise timing, and worldwide connections to coordinate cargo movements from origin to destination. More importantly, it requires a coordinated effort with trusted agents/partners in the global context.

In some areas, port facilities, (as well as airports) may be inadequate, or even non-existent, and hence complicated logistics provisions must be made for temporary construction of discharge quays/piers. This may be preceded by, or concurrent with necessary site surveys and permitting to allow for direct onshore beach landing.

However, as always, Kashin Shipping is your solutions. With our expertise and our trusted global network, you can be sure that your cargo is in good hands. We will plan, schedule, monitor and ensure that your cargo is delivered on time.